CRV is a company specialized in international trade with experience in bathroom sector and door / window hardware segment. CRV team grant to its customers, manufacturers with the aim to enter into new markets, a dedicated and tailor made service, completed by a deep technical knowledge of products.
CRV serve its customers starting from the pre-sale up to the post-sale, going with them in all the steps of the offers and of the agreements. The long experience allows to CRV to simplify and accelerate the product’s assimilation process on the market – with particular attention to the made in Italy.

Thanks to the selection of its customers, in many instances historical and reliable, CRV is able to assure to the different foreign markets where it’s operative, the best product and the best logistic solution. CRV has active cooperation in 35 countries, mostly concentrated in the following areas: central Europe, North America and GCC.






Competence and discretion are always guaranteed, especially during the strategic steps like the market research, integration of new products and assistance with overseas transactions.

Our partners make CRV a company able to offer a wide selection of products, also complementary between them, optimizing the advantages of the consulting services for trade fair and international events.

For CRV team is essential the partners are willing to concede:


to enter in a new market perseverance is necessary


to change customers’ habits require time and patience


the real expert of the product is the one who developed it

Services offered are:

Market Research

Analysis and research of potential customers and suppliers which respond to the necessary requirement to develop a long-term cooperation.

Product Research

Analysis and research of potential manufacturers and study of the added value to be joined at the existing product to make it desirable to the referenced market.

Customers’ Retention

Though a careful and dedicated customer service, with highly qualified staff available online and offline, enhanced with recurrent meeting in person

Brand Creation

Analisy, study and research of the potential brand efficacy, taking into consideration style, tastes and habits of the individual referenced markets.

Fair Organisation

In place support to our partners for the organisation and during international trade fairs and events.

Consulting Service

Support to update what already available (catalogues / presentations) in the style and format required by the referenced market.